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For many, including the Dr himself, there is nothing better than the thrill of watching genuine amateur porn. Here is the Dr Pornokowski approved reviews of the Best Porn Sites of 2018 available anywhere on the internet.

Hello there Porn Lovers, I’m Dr Pornokowski, professor and esteemed scholar in all things pornographic. I have worked in various roles in the adult entertainment business for over 25 years now specialising mostly in amateur pornography.

As a fully qualified Doctor with a PHD I mostly prescribe a good dose of porn watching to cure most ailments from insomnia to hyperactivity. Seeing as you have found your way to my wonderful website it would appear you are in need of some Pornokowski prescribed medicine. On my site you will find reviews of all the best porn sites around.

  • XXXpert Reviews

    Each site is rated using the highly scientific Pornokowski rating which looks at quality of content, value for money and user experience.

  • 100% Transparency

    No site has paid to receive the Dr’s approval meaning the reviews are impartial and honest.

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    All listed sites are regularly checked for any updates, changes and price amendments. This makes the Pornokowski rating system the most up to date and reliable source of porn comparison.

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